11 Steps to Obtain Productive Meetings

Business meetings are required to be held by every organization across the globe. Every now and then they are used to thrash out issues and to make deals. Whatever be it, there are times, when opinions of others present at the meeting has been found to be different, the reason the meeting ended with no decisions being taken. Some people especially in the managerial and top level are required to attend meetings frequently and found it to be only boring, wanting to be excused, since their opinion, even if expressed is not likely to change anything or to come to a solid conclusion.

Steps to help have a productive meeting

  • The purpose (mission) and future view (vision) of the meeting is to be clearly defined beforehand.
  • The facilitator of the meeting and the person to take the minutes is to be pre-defined.
  • The participants to the meeting are to be pre-defined. Presentation is to be considered from all parties required to implement and define decisions along with those to be affected.
  • Beginning and end times of the meeting is to be pre-defined.
  • The agenda is to be defined and pre-distributed. It needs to include vision and mission of the meeting, relevant reports, attendees and beginning and finishing times.
  • Everyone is to be welcomed at the meeting’s start. Self introduction is a must, in case, the attendees are not aware about the others.
  • The meeting’s ground rules are to be set and stated like: it is undoubtedly a safe environment, where everyone can disagree openly, however, would require to express their opinions, irrespective of it being good or bad with solid reasons behind them. Objective is to define as to which ideas may have a chance to succeed.
  • The agenda items are to be worked through, inviting dialogue of creative scenarios and views.
  • Ideas are to be jotted down on a chart that is to be made visible to every participant. Consensus is to be gathered as to which ideas may have greatest chance for succeeding and the least gaps.
  • The action items are to be reviewed with the group, while deliverable items are to be set at the start of the agenda of the next meeting.
  • Everyone is to be thanked for their participation.

To have effective business meetings, there is a need for proper planning, good leadership, a purpose and a healthy culture!