5 Tips to Increase Sales Through Email and Social Media Marketing

Sales are a vast subject and so are the tactics to increase sales. This can be a challenge for any person involved in sales. Nowadays, with the increase in technology, there is a lot of online business going around with email and social media marketing. There is enough opportunity to increase market share and sales.

Social media and email marketing alert customers with promotions and engagements which ultimately increase sales. Here are 5 tips to increase sales:

Add the buttons of social media to your website

Ensure email marketing through your website social media buttons.  Your readers and viewers will then be able to join you through social media and increase a chance to send them promotions and last minute messages.  To gain more exposure, add the buttons into your newsletters.

Create content

Create content that people wish to engage with and ensure adding links to your e-commerce site. You may request your followers to share posts with their family and friends.  When holidays are in season, decorate your profile and create a festive mood. Get your prospective customers to season themselves with appropriate season themes. There is no need for you to learn graphic design to have a festive imagery. Check sites featuring cover photos that offer free images and overlay the graphics and text. Be sure when you do this, you are mindful of any copyrights.

Make it visually appealing

Spice your posts with themed visuals. Include graphic or image with social media posts. Include additional text with message and it should convey message evoking emotions. Use Pinterest as it is popular and people look to the site for inspiration and gift ideas.

Run a contest

Contests are fun and simple ways to benefit with your social media presence. Contest apps that have out of the box ideas to conduct contest and to run it easily. Ensure they take part it running a contest such that the questions relate to their interests and yours as well. Create shareable and interesting contents and engage your customers with inspirational quotes.

Influence your customers

Shoppers are sure to purchase relying on referrals and word-of-mouth from the people they trust.  Touching your customer’s interest will have influence and inspire them. Owing to their ability, share email marketing and social media through a button touch. You may support some worthy cause and also seek attention.

Using these tips will create goodwill between customers and increase customer loyalty. Capitalize on social media or email to share experiences.