7 Best Qualities of a Good Leader

‘A born leader’, you may have heard this comment, may have been once or heard the saying frequently. Yes, some are born with inborn leadership qualities. Sometimes situations put other people naturally in a leader position. However, there are some who develop abilities and skills to become a leader. All good leaders do possess some certain characteristics. Here are some of those personal qualities as such:

  1. A good leader has a commendable character: They are dependable to lead others. A very important quality of a leader is to live life with integrity and honesty. A good leader is ready to take the right to remain responsible for others. This is a way of showing or handling true authority and this stems from good character, trustworthiness and respect for the person leading.
  1. A good leader is always enthusiastic about work: This also fulfills the role as a leader. Leaders must be an inspiration source, a real motivator and this is apparent at the right time of action. People respond openly as they find their leader to be a person of passion. Though the roles and responsibilities vary with each leader, he or she must always be seen working towards the goal. In fact, the leader will always be prepared to take up any challenge and will work to come out ahead.
  1. A good leader stays very confident. To set a direction and lead, a leader must be confident that people must believe in their leader. A good quality of a good leader is to inspire confidence in others, thus ensure to bring out the trust. A leader conveying confidence inspires his team members to his or her best efforts.
  1. A leader is expected to function always in a purposeful and orderly manner: This is even in uncertain situations. This is because only during such trying times, people look up to their leader during to find security and reassurance when the leader portrays a positive demeanor and confidence.
  1. Good leaders remain calm, steadfast and stay composed. Storms, crises and emotions are seen as an integral part, keeping a cool head.
  1. A good leader maintains focus and thinks analytically. He or she has the ability to break a situation into sub parts and keep a close watch. Thus they make it manageable progress.
  1. A good leader believes that second best is not the path to success. A good leader maintains high standards and works to achieve excellence in all areas.