Effective Leader, What are the Leadership Qualities Required

Being a leader or becoming an effective leader may be the wish of most people, but not a goal easily achievable. In fact, the adage reveals the truth that ‘Great leaders are born and not made’. There is no doubt that the capacity is innate. Now, there are ways within your grasp to learn and to lead teams or even a company.

Leadership Qualities for Everyone

  • Self-assessment: Periodically, effective leaders take account of their shortcomings and personal strengths. They consider what they are good at, what they like to do and what they dislike and their weakness. Knowing weakness is good and they consider this sensitive area to handle with care. Leaders very carefully delegate this to people with abilities and achieve their goal. Clinging to false belief of doing all is not practiced and great leaders hire people complementing their skills. Weaknesses help in improving leadership and also in recognizing them.
  • Clear insight: Perceiving is one quality that effective leaders have. They communicate honestly with their peers and teams that it offers ease and also ensure a clear understanding of things to be perceived. You can check if your team members and co-workers stay comfortable with you around or does the conversation come to an abrupt halt, the moment you enter the room.  If you wish to know, ask people for a feedback and know your status and how people see you. In case, you have established an open and honest communication with everyone, you can ask them about the areas you must work to improve and the good qualities you have. This effort of yours will be appreciated.
  • Highly responsive: Being perceptive is the best and it is effective when a leader is aware of his or her team needs. This shows being responsive. Teams value response and trust and as there is clear insight, there is sure to be a clear communication. Being a good communicator is very important for a leader. Good leaders know their role and so develop a strong team so that they know what to get from the team as a leader.
  • Knowing the organization: The overall goal and purpose helps in accomplishing the strategies and effective leaders know to attain their goals. Such leaders know their team and the part they will play. Having complete knowledge inside and out of the organization and each team member is crucial quality to become an effective leader.