Follow the Five C’s Improve Your Sales with Professionalism

Improving professionalism is a must when it comes to sales. It helps entry into any office as well as improves credibility. Having a professional approach will bring a spark to your sales. Here are few things to concentrate to have an edge over others:


It always begins from you, how you conduct. The defining attribute is the character of professionalism. A key aspect refers to the professional character on how you are: as an employee, as a leader, or even when approaching a client. Integrity is also important.

Being professional in sales implies you must be a person with high integrity and should not miss on good character key elements. Being honest and ethical is a must in sales and is important even when you are not being watched. This is not based on your convenience. Having the integrity implies having high degree of congruence between your actual behavior and the values you promote or support.

Note: The best integrity test is in how you behave even when nobody is watching.


Being a professional in sales implies investing in your work.  Take interest in each direction and strategy. Seek robust job assignments, work on them. Professionals take responsibility for their careers and strive to deliver high levels by learning new skills. They work to ensure success for themselves and also their teammates.


Creating a professional image is about being conscious. Showing up physically implies your hair, clothes, tidiness, etc, must be perfect to make an impression on your approach. A professional appearance offers a way to express your desire and consideration for others, so that they have a respect to you as well.

Customer Service

Key to professionalism is in the way you offer customers the expected service. You may exceed the customers’ expectations being a mission statement. Offer excellent customer service and build good relationships such that it includes:

  • Making friends with clients
  • Acknowledge their birthdays, send cards
  • Entertain ethically
  • Send thank you notes handwritten


Communication is the key and so work on what and how you say. This is a true professional aspect. Set yourself for a friendly and good communication. Search, check the sites and do upfront research and know the best of that person so that you create a good impression the very first time.

Shake hand firmly, look directly into their eye and refer them by their name.  Avoid jumping into business, instead find their interests, passions and what they like and get into your business with each step.