Identifying Common Productivity Elated Symptoms and Problems

Almost every workplace is sure to face some common productivity related problems. It is essential for every manager to have these symptoms to be identified. Once done, the next step is to find out how the causes are to be eliminated and to be worked upon. It is always the best to begin with the one which is likely to have a great impact if it is reduced or fixed. Often such symptoms, over time, may gradually become worse and hence, needs to be taken care of immediately.

Some common productivity problems affecting the workplace

  • Poor workflow: Lack of work and bottlenecks can be noticed in poor workflow. They are two extremes which contribute towards low productivity, since consistent workflow is not present. Among production lines, these are easily visible, however not evident much in service or administrative work. Lower profits are caused due to its presence. Therefore, identify such situations and having solutions recommended for it can help stop such an issue.
  • Variable quality: If there is unpredictable and inconsistent quality, then symptoms of productivity issues are noticed. At times, it is linked to ineffective or lack of training. It also might be due to variations seen in materials or components. If there is present inconsistent product quality, then rejects and rework amount is sure to climb upwards, reducing profits due to declining productivity.
  • Low discretionary effort: The additional capacity which people in general possess is what discretionary effort all about. Discretionary effort would be reduced because of poor leadership, whereas highest discretionary effort level is motivated with effective leadership. Situations like poor workflow and constant breakdowns are likely to have negative effect on the discretionary effort, since these are interruptions.
  • Lacking in expectations of clear performance: At the workplace, there are many who do not seem to have any idea as to what is exactly expected from them. Performance expectations related discussions are rarely conducted and several employees are just unaware about how evaluation of their performance is carried out.

The above tips can help the manager to get to know the different workplace symptoms that may hinder productivity and to seek appropriate remedy for it.