Emotional Marketing – Getting a Grasp on Connecting to Customers

Emotions are a magical reason to influence the brains of the consumers. This is because consumers think with emotional and rational brains. Logic comes when a person tries to justify his/her spending. Emotions are key drivers of decision making.

Emotional marketing is the ability to powerfully communicate by using different techniques to manipulate emotions. There are diverse issues evoking emotions. Emotional marketing strategy focuses on the marketing message.

Generating positive engagement is possible once you connect with your audience on an emotional level. This includes marketing through valuable contents and also solving their problems. Here is a guiding tip to this marketing strategy.

Speak directly to your target customer

Use the social media communications and your content to gain attention. This is personal and creates a bond with your consumer. Avoid the masses. Try to interact with good customers or known customers, so that you receive proper feedback about your services or products. Talk to them not by scheduling a particular time, instead making it across the dinner table. This will give a direct one-on-one communication.

Use humor, empathy, and compassion

The emotions play a vital role in marketing and so, never underestimate its role. If you can bring a smile or are able to shed a tear, you are creating a strong emotional bond. Such emotions help nurture the relationship between you and your consumer.

Writing about your service or product must be informative. However, you can create a joke such that your audience alone understands. If not for humor, tell them a recently experienced issue and how it was resolved. This will give a clear picture. Make it conversational by asking them tips to solve such issues. Thus you become a personality and a face people like to engage with or relate to.

Ask the right questions

Emotionally staying connected is the best and easiest way to drive more engagement from your audience. You need not to narrate always. Instead make them speak about their experiences with your service, product, and/or company.

If they stop and you realize they want to hear from you, without hesitation give your solid stance and also ask if they find it acceptable and if Yes, why?

Such questions and answers are sure to govern your stand in the marketing and you also get new content to write about. Ensure to keep your blogs content fresh and relevant in a way to engage the audience.

All said and done, ask the right questions that connect the past to the present and keep your audience emotionally attached. Respond promptly.