Resume Writing – Keep it Safe from Common Pitfalls

Writing a resume and how to set it apart from the pile of applications where most are similarly qualified candidates. The most difficult part is in the detail and the structure. There are many common pitfalls one needs to watch out for. Here is a handy guide to resume writing to stay safe:

  • Writing a resume is about showing your skills, knowledge and experience. So avoid mentioning ‘responsibilities included/handled’. This looks like some burden. Instead concentrate and start with some dynamic word such as assessed, supervised, managed, organized etc and put some of your achievements.
  • Keep the resume as concise as possible. Ensure there is necessary information and it should be clear using relevant details. Long text blocks and excessive detail will not appear favorable. Using a template to format your resume or using bullet points also is good as it helps an easy go-through.
  • Safest fonts are Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri. Avoid unusual fonts as it may fail to display perfectly sometimes on the screen.
  • If there are gaps obvious in the work history, write an explanation such that the reason is suitable such as a had a child or went to further his education and its relevant details.
  • Recruitment agencies use software to scan applications, especially the larger companies and corporate for certain phrases and words. You also can use the key words, but it must be from the job description of the ad. Ensure to maximize the key words suitable for the industry and the role, so that it does not get stuck in the software. Use common keywords so that they do not appear distinct. Consider relevant job listings and take a note of the repeated words, weave them into your cover letters and resume.
  • Keep your basics right. Check it once, twice and thrice, in fact, until you are really convinced. Ensure no spelling errors or at the most restrict it to one or two minute errors that can be ignored by your potential employer, hopefully.
  • Privacy in the high-tech world today is a real issue. Ascertain that you do not reveal information hurting confidentiality. This may put you at risk. Even if you are aware of some inner details of the company, give no hint. Lastly give your contact address, number and email address.

Write your resume and cover letter in an orderly manner that your resume receives the expected response from the potential employer.