Sales Tips for New Sellers to Reach Prospective Customers

A sales job can be really creative. The salesperson has the liberty of doing things innovative.  They offer the opportunity to show individual creativity and performance. At the same time, there is a reality for sales figures to increase. To have real impact on success, it is important to consider serious deliberation. Here are tips for new seller:

Dedicate to make a difference

Bringing a difference is the focus. If the service, product or solution is known to buyers you need to present it to make a difference. Do your research,  write down solid points and ensure you know that you are speaking about. Also be prepared for the questions you may have to answer. Make sure to approach, but be careful not to nag.

Pre-sell Research is Mandatory

Getting into companies and trying to speak to anyone in charge is not so simple. You cannot make cold calls repeating the same pitch to everyone picking the phone. This is because eventually no one will hear you. Corporate decision makers will eventually make their calls go to voicemail or answering machines. This means your call is mostly unheard and deleted within seconds as they hear the same pitch of salespeople. To get attention of  corporate decision makers create a personalized message. Do your research before to have a clear insight on what to say and try to set up meetings.

Create entry campaign

Since getting corporate account is not simple. It is common that sellers consider 3-5 attempts then give up. If you are keen in setting up a meeting, plan from the onset for multiple touches to reach a corporate decision maker and set up a meeting. It may take some time to intervene through their busy schedule but use multiple formats and include email, voicemail, invitation to seminars, conferences and more.

Analyze sales approach from customer’s point of view

Approach your customers with a proper sales approach. Speak to your customers the way you would love to be sold to. Work on scripting message and call over and over to yourself; hear the way you speak and see if you will respond to such calls. Analyzing your calls and sales approach will show you how catchy it is and see it from the customers view.

Some of these tactics can be one of the hardest things to learn, but will impress your prospects and will be credited with product knowledge.  Consider multiple meetings but progress one step at a time. Do not rush the sales process, it shows your sense of fear. Over time, master these tools and grow your customer base.