Step by Step Guide to the Winning Cover Letter

A cover letter for a job is the key to your interview.  The cover letter is the first element that your forthcoming employer is going to read even before going through your CV. This makes it vital to ensure the cover letter is absolutely right to grab the attention of your recruiter.

A poorly crafted letter clearly expresses why you are not the right candidate and it will reach the reject pile immediately. A good cover letter is the one that convinces your employer of your professionalism and credentials, besides provides insights into your character and personality.

Here is a step-to–step guide to get a perfect cover letter

Start strong:  The opening paragraph is the one that creates first impression, so ensure it grabs the employer’s attention and you are considered suitable for the role.

Make sure to address directly to the person on the job ad. In case no name is mentioned, find the relevant person’s name using Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter and if you are applying speculatively address it to a director/manager/HR where you are applying.

Do research: Research about the company and get a decent level of knowledge about the products and its brands. Prepare to answer what attracts your interest in working for the company you applied for and also to convey your enthusiasm and show your in-depth passion for work.

Showcase your best:  Showcasing or summarizing your experience and your main skills in the cover letter is very important. This must be the compelling parts and should highlight your skills so that it specifically relates matching the job ad requirements. Fortunately, if you possess the exact experience and qualities, you are sure to go a long way.

Most importantly, exactly clear what YOU can offer THE COMPANY and how you can add and be profitable to their business success.  Delineate your general skills that may be relevant to the role, such as your interpersonal skills and communication, organizational strengths and problem-solving abilities. Add professionalism and convey your points using vibrant verbs such as analyzed, motivated, managed or collaborated.

Finally, finish your cover letter by writing politely and as ask them to contact you.   Finish with a positive note and reveal your eagerness to meet. You may inform them about calling as a follow up and also do follow up, this demonstrates your initiative.

Consider these tips into writing a cover letter and ensure opening the interview doors. All the Best!