The Insightful Eye – The Leadership Solution to Achieving More

We all know the person who has a special eye to find everyone’s faults. They have a distinct perception to evaluate, explore, and find problems in everything they see. This may even be yourself. Have you ever asked a question, “Why would this person do XYZ, they should have done ABC.” While you knew what they did was wrong or inefficient, at the same time you perceived a solution that you felt was more correct.

Typically, a person with this type of acumen will only go as far as to being negative, judging others, and being critical. A person of this nature in a leadership position can be very difficult to follow. When a critical environment is formed, the leadership typically will view others with negativity, viewing them as not as intelligent, whereas other individuals involved can be in an uncomfortable position.

A good friend, and one of my mentors, would take me out to talk regularly. I remember sitting down at one our meetings, enjoying a delightful cup of coffee while he told me that I had a wonderful gift and a considerable obstacle. He went on to explain I had a critical personality, or what he called a “critical eye”. It was easy for me to find all the faults in different situations. The issue was not that I found these faults, it was how I approached them and the influence that were produced as a result.

The obstacle that comes with having a critical eye is being judgmental and having criticism. This only produces negative results. Pointing the finger only makes things worst. The solution is in having an insightful eye. An insightful eye goes beyond finding the faults. It critically thinks of solutions to help solve the issue at hand.

The gift is being able to see what inefficiencies are there, but the discipline is stopping at any negative thinking. Take what is known and start to understand the situation. Once the situation is fully understood, the next step is to help come up with a plan to solve a issue. Once a plan is produce; help solve the issue. Become a part of the solution.

When you apply an insightful eye in a leadership position, the fruition is positive results and a more engaged participation. Positivity and solutions stem from this practice. Sometimes, there will be what’s called a disputable manner. This is where each has their own opinion and there may not be a solution. In this case understand the situation, stay positive, and work towards the greater good. Not all perceived problems are meant to be solved, but focus on the ones that can.  Stay insightful.